Frequently Asked Questions

Full Day Mediation: USD $6,600*

Half Day Mediation: USD $3,400*

* All mediations include up to one hour individually (mediator and each party separately) to introduce your mediator, discuss the dispute and prepare for the mediation.

Initial Consultation Call (30 min – 1 hour): FREE

All fees are payable before the day of mediation and typically are split between the parties.

All credit cards are accepted, as well as Paypal and, for Australian companies, there is an option to use SmartFee:

SmartFee is a funding solutions provider specialising in monthly payment solutions for professional fees. They help businesses pay their invoices from professional advisers over flat monthly instalments with a repayment term of up to 12 months. By doing this, both professionals and their clients benefit from a cashflow and budgeting perspective.

We invite you to use your free consultation with us to get your answer to that question.  IALPG USA LLC is focused on American aviation disputes and leverages the experience and knowledge of its Founder to do so.

In your free consultation not only will you get some tips on how to resolve your particular dispute but we guarantee that you will come to learn first hand about our passion for aviation and its proponents.

We have many dealings with the US and even though we are in Australia our accessibility by email and other channels is high. Just use our Contact page or email [email protected]

You will find that if your dispute is an aviation insurance, consumer, money claim, employment or other workplace one, then the benefits of an aviation lawyer mediating the dispute are unparalleled. Knowledge of the industry, its regulation globally and locally, will save you time and money in the long run, and ensure the ultimate resolution keeps the key driver of aviation, safety, at its core.

IALPG USA LLC (“IALPG US”) is not a law firm and cannot give you legal advice.  For US interests, we mediate only. You may like to seek your own local legal advice from a US attorney if you have not already.

IALPG PTY LTD (an Australian incorporated law practice, “IALPG AUSTRALIA”) is the parent of IALPG USA LLC, and advises on aviation and space legal matters in Australia, and in certain non-Australian matters in conjunction with foreign counsel.

Neither IALPG entity can mediate a dispute for its own clients.

Accredited Mediator

Joseph Wheeler is an Aviation Lawyer and Nationally Accredited Mediator registered with the Queensland Law Society (QLS). He subscribes to mediations conducted in accordance with the American Bar Association Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators.

10 Years of Experience with Aviation Law

IALPG's Principal and Founder, Joseph Wheeler, is a regional expert in international and domestic civil aviation law, having exclusively practised as a lawyer and policy adviser advising individuals, air operators, and other law firms for over 10 years.

Our Approach

Joseph has applied his specific skills in the service of aviation license holders such as pilots, and remote pilots privately, and on behalf of the members of pilot associations and unions, as well as the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA, where he was the Past Vice Chair of the IFALPA Legal Committee). He brings an empathic and safety centred mindset to mediation.

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